About Roni


My name is Roni Yanowski. I am a geographer living in the village of Maccabim and married with three children.
I have been with “Natural World” for many enjoyable years.
For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by geographical expeditions, the exploration of strange cultures, art, animal behavior, and the human condition.
All this has made a thrilling experience of my journey through adult life.

When I set out on this path, I first studied history and geography, but mostly trekked over continents in order to grasp and absorb the infinite variety of the world.
My personal adventures crossing continents have fitted me for my role as a senior guide at “Natour”, a company specializing in in-depth trips with the emphasis on culture, nature, and art.
Thanks to my long experience I was appointed director of marketing at “Natour” and then manager of “Discovery”, another company specializing in enriching field trips.
My love for the profession also led me to another area of activity in the field of tourism–lecturing to the general public.
For years I have been teaching in leading Israeli institutions dealing with tourism –The Open University, the Campus for International Geography, Cinematheques, and academic forums, private and public institutions.

By illustrating my lectures with slide presentations using state-of-the-art equipment, I introduce my audience to illuminating cultural experiences combining spectacular images, texts and harmonious ethnic music.

I always carry a camera with me on my travels, alert for the moment when my lens can capture some facet of the natural world.
I have developed TV programs about many and varied locations and was invited to take part in popular Israeli shows such as Roim Olam (See the world), Masa Olami (Around the World) and Passport.

My thoughts and reflections have also taken the form over the years of articles published in leading Israeli magazines and on internet sites.
Today I share my long, multi-faceted experience of tourism with hundreds of clients within the framework of “The Independent Traveler “. This is an important tourism package which I tailor specially for the individual needs of each client consisting of a personalized trip–flights, routes, local guides, attractions, and diverse activities. The meticulous process of preparation includes a meeting with the client and involves adapting the product to his or her personal tastes.
You are cordially invited to join my trips at the “Tevaolam” website in order to benefit from my long and rich experience and to plan with me your next dream trip together.

Roni Yanowski